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Wisdom and IT and logic…

Wisdom (n.) – knowledge, understanding, good judgment

Logic (n.) – reason, judgment, common sense

Wisdom in the IT arena – add in a few sales professionals and we get quite the (logical) combination!  Here’s an example:  I have made a living selling some of the most advanced technology to very smart and totally experienced customers, even though I am actually technically challenged myself.  I know how systems work; I don’t know how to work systems; which is not wise; but is logical, yes?

One of my favorite IT gurus wrote for ComputerWorld magazine and here is what he said about the wisdom IT leaders should not lose sight of:

Conventional IT Wisdom:

  • Free anything… isn’t…
  • If nobody else is trying something, there’s usually a reason.  Maybe not a good reason, but a reason…
  • “We’ve never done it that way before” is a more powerful argument than any cost/benefit analysis…
  • It always takes longer and costs more to do it later.
  • A good idea is no match for a bad habit.
  • The hardest problems get solved last.                                                                                                      Frank Hayes

There is a both wisdom and logic in Frank’s list; and logic can be an interesting and powerful phenomenon.

Take “Free anything…isn’t…” for instance.  That has wisdom in a business setting.  Although we sales-types have been schooled in the art of leveraging ROI calculators and often use phrases like, “this system will virtually pay for itself…” when ink and contract on a “freeware deal” finally meet – money will ultimately change hands, don’t you agree?  As sales professionals, we’re counting on it, even if the customer isn’t (which is only logical).

“We’ve never done it that way before…”  Now there’s wisdom (and logic) that is powerful.  In my career, I have witnessed the customer modify the new application to make it look and operate just like the old application, time and time again.  I call this the “IT Programmer & Outside Consulting Firm Full Employment Act”.  If we asked the customer why they spent the extra money to avoid using the new system in the new way that is was designed to be used, we might hear (you guessed it), “Because we’ve never done it that way before”.  Which of course is more powerful than the cost/benefit analysis of replacing the old system in the first place; and – here we go again – logical.

What about sales people?  When asked to embrace our company’s new, sales force automation system, we are very adept at providing all the excuses why we should “do that later”, regardless of how much later or at what cost, aren’t we?  Isn’t it amazing that a group of people in a profession built around the premise of selling “change” to our customers are so change-averse ourselves?  I suppose we fall into the “do as I say, not as I do” category, which of course may not be wise, but is (yep) logical.

In the eddy created where business people, technology people, and sales people all come together in the same place at the same time, logic can sometimes replace wisdom.  Sound decision-making can sometimes be swept away.  At those moments, good judgment; common sense; and even understanding may be overpowered.  The IT transactions that result may not always include wisdom, but they almost always include logic – and logic, if not wisdom, contributes to the “Sales Person Full Employment Act”.


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