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Life after fifty…

Johnny Unitas, the Hall of Fame quarterback for the original Baltimore Colts, once said:  

Be happy today and everyday because you’re dead a long time.  

Facing one’s mortality can be difficult, true?  My Dad had a passion for life; always seemed happy; big Johnny Unitas fan, I guess.  He loved living – died in his sleep at ninety-one.  We all should be so lucky.   

At this stage of my life, maybe from my Dad’s genes, a new flame of intellectual interest is being kindled.  Don’t know why.   Have you had that happen to you?  Seemingly all of a sudden, out of nowhere, have you picked up a new interest, recreation, hobby, passion?  (Not THAT kind of passion, LOL!)   

I’ve started meeting with a writers’ group.  Found them on MeetUp.  We’re a small group.  They take turns reading some of their work-in-process; then the group discusses what they like and ideas for improvement.  I listen in awe.  We share an interest (some might say a passion) for writing.  They are experienced; some even published.  Me – well, you already know about my writing.  

Our group is aspiring novelists, mostly; a few poets, too.  Although I struggle to keep up, they think I’m a professor!  You see, I am constantly asking them questions about how they write what they write.  I guess they find my interest in their interests interesting.  I think I’ll keep the charade going for a little while.   Maybe print up some business cards; take on a pen name.  Ah, the fun of fiction!  

They write deep; their vocabulary is powerful; emotion and deep-meaning woven into their work; their characters are lifelike.  Me?  I write shallow.  Of course, you already know that.  I’d say my writing falls somewhere between texting and the obituaries; with a dose of self-doubt.  It’s like I’m drawing stick figures among artists.  Oh well, that’s why I joined the group.  

The other evening, one writer shared the title and background of one of his nonfiction books, The Second Half Starts at 50.  It’s about how to enjoy a higher quality of life that the longevity of our generation is experiencing.  His title reminds me of Leonardo DaVinci.  Did you know that DaVinci finished painting the Mona Lisa when he was fifty four years old?  Fifty four in his era was well into the “second half”, yes?  Maybe my second half will be full of new experiences, new pursuits, new MeetUps.  Maybe yours, too.  

Thinking of life in terms of “first half” and “second half” can be a bit sobering when one is in the second half.  Now, I find myself listening to other writers’ “deep writing”.  Like one of the group members, Douglas, The Wizard.  He was sharing his award-winning skill of reciting poetry impromptu; he has won contests with this ability.  And in about three minutes, he spoke a few lines that I would have strained to draft; edit; re-write; re-edit; and even then the odds would be 50-50 whether I would actually put it out on my web site.  But The Wizard, he just closed his eyes and the imagery flowed.  Amazing!   

While he recited, I melded the power of his prose in my mind with the wisdom of the other writer’s book title about life’s second half.   The Wizard said, “I am happy to be.”  And I closed my eyes, thought of my Dad, and added, “I am happy to have been.” 


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    Sep 13, 2011

    I went to tons of links bferoe this, what was I thinking?

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    Sep 14, 2011

    This article is a home run, pure and silmpe!

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