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Springing into life…

Last weekend I “barreled into spring” – in Palisade, Colorado at the 2011 Barrel Tasting event.  It was a group travel trip that my wife specializes in creating.  Eight wineries, all members of the Grand Valley Winery Association were our hosts.  What a blast!  Check it out – Wine Barrel Tasting – and please plan on joining us next year.

One aspect of this weekend I enjoyed the most was the opportunity to chat with the winery owners in person; listen to their approach to wine making; learn a bit about their background.  Of course, the gourmet food paired with selected wines was very excellent, too.  Add in Western Slope, Colorado weather; the sights of the Grand Mesa and Book Cliffs mountains; and life is pretty darn good!

Business owners and entrepreneurs – they are the backbone of America’s economy, don’t you think?  Maybe the foundation of our entire society, too.  To me, business owners, especially owners of small and mid-sized businesses, represent the ultimate in commitment.  They go “all in” when they start their business.  Some succeed, a few excel, many fail – but most maintain a grounded sense of self along with a stellar sense of humor.

Like Jeff and Carol Carr, owners of Garfield Estates Vineyard & Winery (Garfield Estates). When I was chatting about his background (a former sales executive in the technology industry, which I can relate to), Jeff shared this adage from and Unknown Sage:

How do you make $100k in the winery business?  Start with $1 million.

I suppose that adage can be applied to many business pursuits, true?  But Jeff said it with the kind of smile that implied he traded-in his go-go, high-stress, hi-tech profession for the manual, outdoor labor of running a vineyard on purpose and not by accident.

The same might be true for Bob and Billie Witham of Two Rivers Winery & Chateau in Grand Junction, Colorado (Two Rivers).  Moved up from Texas and moved out of the nursing home business to open a winery, I’m told; added a most elegant chateau and destination event component to their operation.  Bob’s face had a continuous grin as he served tastes of port, coupled with fine chocolate to the barrel tasters.   Yep, life’s pretty darn good!

Bennett at DeBeque Canyon Winery; Jay at Canyon Wind Cellars; Sue at Plum Creek Cellars; all of them – the epitome of Harlan Cleveland’s view about life:

If you try too carefully to plan your life, the danger is that you will succeed – succeed in narrowing your options, closing off avenues of adventure that cannot now be imagined.

Avenues of adventure – these business owners were probably all successful in previous career pursuits before opening their wine businesses; some of them continue in their profession while simultaneously operating a winery.  Have they found a passion in the form of a business?

Find a job you love and you will never work another day in your life.

                                                                          Unknown Sage

My wife has found “that job” – she’s in the leisure travel business.  She organizes group trips like this one; local, domestic and international; fun and interesting destinations, all.  How cool is that!

What about you?  Have you ever said that you are working in your current job only to make enough money so someday you can pursue that something you’ve always dreamed about?  How much money will it take?  When does “someday” arrive?  Maybe it’s today?  Go on – go for it!


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  1. Alan Jakuboski
    May 18, 2011

    Gary You are so right. I love the success stories. I have been seeking something that would give me the same satisfaction and sense of security..
    Been unemployed for awhile and bleeding funds so looking into home based business etc so far but nothing has clicked with me. Lost money on a business in Fla but spoiled when it’s your own. Recommended reading here is also “Who Moved My Cheese” by Spencer Johnson.

    I appreciate any assistance in my endeavor..see my profile

    Alan Jakuboski

    • Gary
      May 19, 2011

      Alan, Thank you for your kind comment. I appreciate your support of my web site posts – please share with a friend, yes? Regarding your job search, you might check out the ADP Alumni group on Linked In; they are posting jobs there every week. Good luck! Thx, GAP

      • Marni
        Sep 12, 2011

        Hey, kilelr job on that one you guys!

      • Kaylea
        Sep 14, 2011

        Right on-this helped me sort tihngs right out.

    • Tangela
      Sep 13, 2011

      No question this is the place to get this info, tanhks y’all.

    • Jace
      Sep 14, 2011

      Posts like this brighten up my day. Thanks for tiakng the time.

  2. Kory
    Sep 12, 2011

    Ho ho, who wluoda thunk it, right?

  3. Jaundalynn
    Sep 14, 2011

    AKAIK you’ve got the aesnwr in one!

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