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Written in Ink…

Who is it that said, “The Internet is written in ink.”? 

When you want to speak to the “Internet Customer Service Department”, who do you call?  For all of the amazing enjoyment of our technology; and all of our social media interaction; once in a while do you wish you could just call the Customer Service Department? 

The other day I had a glitch with Linked In.  After spending an hour searching through online help; texting a few friends; adding in some trial and error; and resorting to the obligatory device reboot; I finally gave up and tried contacting their Customer Service.  Yea – right.  It was an email template, and it really didn’t want to accept my service request.  It kept sending me back to the same help documentation I was in for the past hour. Hmmm, when you need to speak to someone in Customer Service, who do you call?  (The good news – I finally did receive a fix via email – two days later!) 

Permit me to digress… 

I lost a deal once; hoped the loss wasn’t written in ink; so I visited the client after his decision.  During a brief but pleasant “post mortem” the client shared with me the reason.  It was because he would not have to attend training class with their product; whereas we required our new clients to attend a 2-day, in-person training class.  A well-trained client; what a concept!  (And, my company’s training requirement was written in ink.) 

As I researched this competitor’s tactic further I discovered “the rest of the story” as Paul Harvey said.  My competitor didn’t offer training!  The sales rep put a clever “spin” on his weakness, “Our application is so easy to use; you don’t even have to attend training class.”  (Which would be a good thing if true; but they didn’t offer a training class!) 

A short time later, that client quit my competitor.  He didn’t buy from me though.  His bad experience with one company in our industry ruined the chances for all of us – he went in a different direction altogether.  Unfortunately, his poor customer service experience was written in ink. 

Back to today’s technology; is the social media perspective of, “Our application is so dependable and easy-to-use, you won’t need to call our Customer Service Department.”  written in ink?  (It would be a good thing if true; but there often isn’t a Customer Service Department to call!) 

And before we get too carried away with today’s world, it might be wise to keep things in perspective, yes?  Jim Collins offers: 

The truth is, there’s nothing new about being in a new economy.  Those who faced the invention of electricity, the telephone, the automobile, the radio, or the transistor – did they feel it was any less of a new economy than we feel today?                                 

The “those” he refers to are our parents and grand parents.  Think about it – they adopted electricity!  The technology advancements they lived through during the 1900’s, should impress us.  The patience, perseverance, and the ability to maintain a sense of humor that they displayed seems amazing. 

Of course, while technology in their world was speeding along back then, at least when they needed a little help they could always call the Customer Service Department.  (Which was a good thing because before the advent of our modern technology, there used to be a Customer Service Department!) 

I guess it just wasn’t written in ink. 


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  1. Louise
    Sep 13, 2011

    Yup, that souhld defo do the trick!

  2. Jeslyn
    Sep 14, 2011

    God help me, I put aside a whole afternoon to fiugre this out.

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