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College football and business value?

I look for value in college football.   The Air Force Academy is one of three NCAA Division I-A programs in Colorado – the others being University of Colorado (CU) and Colorado State University (CSU).  Although Air Force is not well covered (nor seemingly even respected) by the Denver sports media, they are my favorite.  

Of course, value extends way beyond football; it is a key element in our businesses, yes?  So when someone spends money to attend a college football game, or buy a product from our company, they value value. 

Can your business relate to these 10 values I received at a recent game where Air Force played Tennessee State (a Division I-AA opponent)? 

10.  Value can vary by party

The Air Force academy provides Cadets more value than just an undergraduate degree and a chance to play football.   The value for the Tennessee State program?  Well after getting stomped 63-24; their value received was likely the $270,000 revenue share for traveling to Colorado Springs.

  9.  Clients can value fair play:

At Air Force, you never hear of recruiting violations such as the frequent headlines about USC, Ohio State, Miami, and other Division I-A schools who feel they need to cheat to win.  

  8.  Clients can value the superficial:

The beauty of a cloudless, Colorado sky, next to the Rocky Mountain foothills, on a sunny, September day – ‘nuff said!

  7.  Clients can value appearance and rituals:

Just watching the Air Force pre-game, pomp and circumstance; the Cadets marching on to the field; paratroopers dropping into the stadium; and the traditional fly over are worth the price of admission.

  6.  Clients can value more than dollars and cents:

Based on the number of youth football teams attending as guests, Air Force obviously caters to the interests of their local community vs. merely focusing on maximizing ticket sales.

  5.  Clients can value teamwork:

With height and weight recruiting restrictions (not to mention the post-graduate service commitment), Air Force can’t simply field superior athletes like an Alabama, Oklahoma, or LSU can.  Nope, the Cadets must leverage better teamwork to compete.

  4.  Clients can value all of the little things:

Because of their physical limitations, when teamwork alone isn’t enough, Air Force has to play smarter; be better prepared; stay a step ahead of their competition to win.

  3.  A Client’s value can be personal:

Air Force is typically underdogs to the top programs; something I can relate to in my own collegiate basketball playing days.  Making the most from the least to succeed is what I call that – and I really like it when I see it!

  2.  Clients usually include price in their value equation:

After parking for free, I walked up to the ticket window 90 minutes before kick-off and bought a seat on the 25 yard line, 6 rows from the field!  The price?  $20.  The ticket price for the recent CU-CSU game at Mile High Field in Denver?  $55 for the nose-bleed section; plus $30 for parking.

  1.  Almost everyone values a winner:

In the past 10 seasons, Air Force football is 68-55 along with being 2-2 in post season bowl games.  CU?  They are 60-65, going 2-3 in bowl games; CSU? They are 54-69 and 2-3 in bowl games.  

A $20 ticket; free parking; a 63-24 win; on a beautiful September day; with an entertaining, family-friendly environment; by the best team in the state – I call that value! 


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  1. Bill Foss
    Oct 17, 2011


    Nicely written article about football and value. I knew you were taking some of what you said from your collegiate days, even before you mentioned it. We are both alike in that way.

    When are we going to have a beer? I want to celebrate. I just had a new grandson on Saturday.


    • Gary
      Oct 24, 2011

      Thanks Coach, And here’s a beer to celebrate being grandparents!

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