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2012 – A year of Fulfillment?

Welcome to the New Year!  Will it be our best ever?  Well if it is to be, then let’s get started, OK?  Let’s start at the beginning; with our annual plan.  

Of course, planning our year is more than simply writing down goals.  Goals without milestones are just “hope” as I wrote about last year: 


Nonetheless, writing down our goals is an excellent starting point: 

The first and most important thing about goals is having one. 

                                  Geoffrey Albery 

When writing our goals, I believe it’s also wise to incorporate the “Principle of Balance”.  Here’s a picture with space for notes, if you’d like:  


Many of us write individual “business plans” thinking only in terms of Financial Success, true?  Yes, Financial Success is important; but do we have the commitment to achieve it?  I remember while leading a top sales team, I would occasionally hear one of my Producers say when he or she faced the crossroads of a good year vs. a bad year, that being Family oriented was what was most important to them.  Well, me too.  However, I believe one of the best ways to care for our Family is to be successful; you? 

OK, that covers Financial Success, and leads us to Family.  Establishing personal goals for the role we play with our Family can easily be overlooked, yes? Certainly, writing down goals for our Family is quite personal – but just as important as any other quadrant in our annual Achievement Plan, don’t you think?  Go on – take a moment to write down a few of your 2012 goals for the role you will play with your Family; we’ll wait. 

The importance of Personal Development in our Plan can also be minimized.  Yet, it remains another key to success – whatever our abilities today, we should continuously strive to be better tomorrow, don’t you agree?  It could be as elaborate as the Electrical Engineering degree my older son is pursuing; or as straight-forward as the 1-2 books each month my younger son reads.  Personal Development is personal; yet writing goals in the Personal Development quadrant reinforces the Principle of Balance. 

Leading us to Fulfillment.  Doug Larson put it this way: 

Establishing goals is all right if you don’t let them deprive you of interesting detours. 

Although I advocate writing an annual Achievement Plan; with measurable goals; corresponding milestones; striving to make the New Year better than the previous; … I also believe in the power of imagination; the presence of magic; and the purpose of Fulfillment

The idea came from a former colleague of mine, Peter Goodwin.     He also believed in the annual planning process, but he added a unique twist to his that I have since incorporated into mine.  Each year I write down lifetime dreams that if I could be so blessed, I will achieve.  And when I do realize the Fulfillment of one of these dreams, I don’t check it off the list.  No, it remains on my annual Achievement Plan with the date of Fulfillment; serving as a constant reminder of the power of imagination; the presence of magic. 

And it reinforces the Principle of Balance:                                   

Goals are dreams with deadlines.                                 

Diana Scharf-Hunt                     

OK then, go ahead and update your list of dreams in the Fulfillment quadrant of your 2012 Achievement Plan; we’ll wait.  And remember to DREAM BIG!  James Collins in his book, Built to Last, called them “Big, Hairy Audacious Goals!” 


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  1. Jim Anderson
    Jan 04, 2012

    Gary – Wonderful approach to encouraging folks to start the year off right. Goal setting correlates to success more than most people know. Credible studies of people with outstanding success and achievement personally, financially, and in all endeavors prove that goal setting is one of the most common activities they apply. Thanks for making this an important part of your program.

    • Gary
      Jan 06, 2012

      Thanks Jim – I appreciate your comments and we look forward to receiving additional insights from you in 2012.

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