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“4-A’s” and Aligned Principles…

We touched on Approach last week: 


Today, permit me to share a few thoughts on the “4-A’s”: Approach; Activity; Ability; and Attitude, plus a few related Principles. 

I’ve noticed successful sales professionals take time to write out their annual business plan – their Approach to pursuing a successful year.  They consider it the first key to their sales success.  Successful Producers don’t “hope” to succeed – they plan to succeed. 

If you’ve read my previous posts about how to write an Achievement Plan, you know the importance placed on measurable tasks and observable milestones.  I learned this concept from the way Josh Weston led ADP during the 1980s and 1990s.  Through a quarterly “operating review” process, we all looked at our weekly and monthly performance results-to-date.  Josh liked to say we were three months smarter each time we looked at our milestones; still had time to adjust our Approach, if necessary. 

In the sales profession, a second key to success, I believe, is Activity.  Yep, I’m talking about good, old-fashion sales-prospecting.  With sales-prospecting, we can apply the Principle of Game Theory and the Principle of Personal Best to our Activity plan, too.  

The Principle of Game Theory means just that; treating sales-prospecting as a game.  Sometimes our prospects cooperate, other times they don’t.  It’s like some days we have stellar workouts at the gym; feel like we could go all day; get stronger as we go.  Other days?  We’re tired after our warm-up; lucky to get through a minimal workout.  But we still take pride in showing up, because: 

            Sometimes just showing up is half the battle. 

                          Unknown Sage 

And by “showing up” for sales-prospecting; putting in our reps; using the Principle of Game Theory; successful Producers maintain the level of Activity necessary to succeed. 

The Principle of Game Theory is closely aligned with the Principle of Personal Best.  We can learn about this principle from observing interviews with Olympic Athletes.  Even when they don’t win a medal, they are joyous with their performance when they are able to say that they accomplished a “Personal Best”, true?  It’s their pride in the Principle of Personal Best that leads to their unbelievable commitment to the work needed just to be an Olympian.  And Olympians are the epitome of athletic success, yes? 

Of course, Ability is a key to sales success, too.  Top Producers tend to be the most knowledgeable; the most able; usually the type of successful business professional that our prospects prefer to do business with.  Whatever our current level of Ability may be, the good news is we can always get better if we apply the Principle of Continuous Improvement, don’t you agree? 

And the Principle of Continuous Improvement is often linked to – Attitude.  The best of the best in the sales profession tend to have the most successful Attitude.  They are mentally committed to their profession; don’t waste time; remain focused; are psychologically tough.  

You may know some of them – their Attitude tends to stand out from the crowd.  They can be pleasant, but maybe not sociable.  They can be coached, but don’t want to be “managed”.  They are committed to learning, but find being “trained” a waste of their time.  Sound familiar? 

Attitude is the foundation that Approach, Activity and Ability are built on.  And I believe these 4-A’s are linked together by a set of aligned Principles that all of us can leverage for a successful 2012.  Bon Chance! 


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  1. Marty Bracco
    Jan 09, 2012


    Thanks again for the insightful, informative writings. Happy New Year to you and yours, and good health and great success as well.


    Marty Bracco

    • Gary
      Jan 12, 2012

      Thanks Marty – I hope you have a stellar 2012! Thx, GAP

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