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C’est la vie! and Deja vu

Here’s to a happy (and safe) July 4th holiday celebration!   And, here’s to our forefathers who freed this country from the British Empire.  Permit me to offer three things that helped them do it:  Leadership, Free Speech, and the French. 

Two of these three remain part of our everyday lives (not sure what happened to the French).  I know a lot of families with ancestors that immigrated to America from other countries.  I don’t know very many from France though, do you?  C’est la vie! (Which, of course, is French for such is life; plus – their bad!) 

Even though the French helped us gain our independence; gave us the Statue of Liberty; and then said, “bon chance!”; we still have our leaders to poke some fun at, yes?  Managers and executives at our companies are frequent targets of humor, even though they mean well: 

But even top management types are mostly harmless when you get to know them.  Given lots of love, some even make good pets.

                                  Rick Levine 

After a while all good employees settle in and get used to our managers’ idiosyncrasies, don’t we?   When our reporting lines change – which seems to happen frequently – we don’t have to let it bother us.  No matter who our boss may be today, it will likely change soon so we should just focus on getting our jobs done, don’t you think?  Cirque du Soleil!  (This, of course, is French for same circus – different clowns.) 

At work, our (wine) glasses remain half-full.  (Oops – my faux pas!)  In America, our country and our companies remain among the best of the best in the world.  And with France’s help during the Revolution, we are truly blessed to live in the Land of the Free, as well as the Home of the Brave!  Vive La France!  (Which, of course, is the American way to say “Thank You” to France.) 

As we know, 2012 is our next Presidential election year… magnifique!  (Which is French for, is it over yet?)  If we took all of the money spent on political commercials, including those mud-slinging, character-slamming, negative-messaging, “approved by” blasts from our soon-to-be-elected, leaders, we could all take as much vacation time as the French do.  A la mode!  (Which of course, is French for I’ll have my vacation with ice cream, too!) 

Even the positive, political campaigns follow the same old claims and promises, don’t they?  Lower living costs; more jobs; better education; blah, blah, blah.  Brings to mind Lawrence J. Peter’s perspective: 

What this country needs is more free speech worth listening to.                                 

Freedom of speech is truly one of our greatest freedoms.  A price we must pay for this great freedom is listening to someone’s speech, even when it irritates us, yes?  Sacrebleu! 

So I suppose we should be patient during the months of our Presidential campaign – leading this country is not for the faint of heart.  And if their campaign staffs resort to the same, old talk tracks, well:  Deja Moo!  (Which, of course, is French for that feeling that we’ve heard this bull before.) 

So here’s to the USA; the support we received from the French; and our great freedom of speech in the Land of Opportunity.  Certainly, without this freedom I would not have the opportunity to write my little ditties.  And without these, it would be harder for you find something to waste time on at work; true Mon ami?  


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  1. Jim Anderson
    Jul 02, 2012

    We all owe Marquis de Lafayette a debt of appreciation and respect. He was intregal to our gaining the freedoms we still enjoy today.

    • Gary
      Jul 11, 2012

      Thanks for adding your perspective and knowledge of our history. GAP

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