The Peace & Power of a Positive Perspective


How’s your day?

May you feel peace & power today – and every day. 

Have you ever had “one of those days”?  It started with a missed wake-up call; only a few minutes to glance at the morning newspaper.  Bold headlines: “Market Down!”; “Unemployment Up!”; “Cost of Living Highest in a Decade”; “Today: Mostly Cloudy”; and “Cubs Lose Again”! 

Nothing we would want to read about any further.  Besides, we’re already running late for an “emergency meeting” with the boss.  About what – not quite sure. 

Just spilled a McDonald’s coffee in my lap pulling out of the drive-through.  Not only will my stained dress pants look bad in front of my boss, but I don’t think my private parts are burned enough to win a multi-million dollar law suit.  (There’s never a little old lady around when you need one.)  And my wife called to say, “The kids are sick.”  Perfect! 

A little music might lower the blood pressure.  But no – the only thing on the radio is commercials; commercials on all eighteen FM stations and all twelve AM stations.  What?  Are the broadcasters in collusion to run their commercials at the same time?  No station-hopping to find music?  How do they do that?  

The car ahead has been absolutely crawling for the past five miles.  Finally, there’s enough of a break in this heavy traffic to pass.  But the next sign says, “Slow Down: Road Construction Ahead”.  I’m pretty sure I just broke a crown grinding my teeth! 

So – How’s your day? 

There is both peace and power in knowing and understanding who you are, where you’re from and where you’re going.           

Doug Burgum 

Is there any doubt that we could all use a little help in finding that inner peace and personal, self-confident power to carry us through our day?  After all, a positive attitude is priceless, yes? 

I’ve been blessed to have been around rare combinations of peace and power my entire life.  From childhood, to participating in sports; the business world; my family, friends and acquaintances; I have observed and been impacted by great feats from famous, as well as everyday, people. 

In addition to Doug Burgum, former CEO of Great Plains Software, and his quote above, I have collected other quotes and short stories pertaining to living life with awe and enthusiasm. 

I was at Doug’s key note speech to the Great Plains’ worldwide resellers at the 2000 convention in Fargo, North Dakota which they called “Stampede”.  (It was my first, and to-date, only trip toNorth Dakota.)  Doug was the very first person I heard use the phrase “peace and power” when talking about the balance we need in our business (and personal) life.  And by no coincidence, his words were particularly applicable at the turn of the century; remaining so today. 

How about you?  Who do you turn to when you’re have “one of those days”?  Keep things inside do you?  Perfecting the art we call “Cowboy Up”?  As Dr. Phil might ask, “How’s that working for you?” 

Yes, yes, we’ve all read the bumper sticker: 

            Life’s a bitch and then you die. 

But there’s so much more to life, isn’t there?  If we can just find a way to prevent daily challenges from spoiling our enjoyment.  If we can just commit to living each day with awe and enthusiasm. 

So, may you feel the peace and the power of a positive perspective today – and every day! 


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