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Welcome to 2013…

What do you think?  Will this be “our year”?  Well if it is to be, then we better get going, OK?  I always advocate starting at the beginning; writing an Annual Achievement Plan.  In writing

It’s more than just thinking about it; or merely jotting down a few vague goals.  Goals without milestones are just “hope” as I wrote about in 2011 (see

Writing our Annual Achievement Plan is important, so let’s get started: 

The first and most important thing about goals is having one. 

                                  Geoffrey Albery 

When writing out our 2013 plan, I believe it’s also wise to incorporate the “Principle of Balance”:

Many of us write “business plans” at our companies thinking only in terms of Financial Success, true?  Financial Success is important and it requires true commitment to achieve it.  Lottery tickets are probably not the wisest retirement investment strategy. 

I remember while leading a top sales team, I would occasionally hear one of my Producers say when he or she faced the crossroads of a good year vs. a bad year, that being “family-oriented” was what was most important to them.  Well, me too.  However, I believe a great way to care for my Family is to have Financial Success; you? 

OK, you get the Financial Success quadrant; let’s move on to Family.  Actually writing down personal goals for the role we play with our Family can easily be overlooked, true?  Certainly, the goals for our Family are quite personal – but this is just as important as any other quadrant in our Annual Achievement Plan; maybe more so.  Go on – take a few moments to write down your 2013 goals for your Family; we’ll wait. 

The importance of Personal Development in our plan should not be minimized either.  It is another key to success – whatever our abilities are today, we should strive to be better tomorrow, don’t you agree?  It could be as elaborate as pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree; or as straight-forward as reading one or two books each month.  Personal Development is personal; yet writing goals in the Personal Development quadrant reinforces the Principle of Balance. 

Leading us to Fulfillment.  Doug Larson put it this way: 

Establishing goals is all right if you don’t let them deprive you of interesting detours. 

Although I believe in writing an Annual Achievement Plan; with specific goals; measureable milestones; striving to make the New Year better than the previous; I also believe in the power of imagination; the presence of magic; and the wonderment of Fulfillment.  

The idea came from a former colleague of mine, Peter Goodwin.  He believed in the annual planning process too, but he added a unique twist to his that I have followed ever since.  Each year I write down lifetime dreams that if I could be so blessed, I will achieve.  And when I realize the Fulfillment of one of these dreams, I don’t cross it off my list.  No, it remains on my Annual Achievement Plan with the date of Fulfillment; serving as a constant reminder of the power of imagination; the presence of magic. 

OK then, go ahead and update your list of dreams in the Fulfillment quadrant of your 2013 Achievement Plan; we’ll wait.  And remember to DREAM BIG!  James Collins in his book, Built to Last©, called them: 

“Big, Hairy Audacious Goals!” 


            Who wants a dream that’s near-fetched? 

Howard Schultz

May 2013 be your best year yet! 


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  1. Paul Good
    Jan 07, 2013

    Here is a little positive reinforcement for you.
    Some posts make me laugh and others make me think but they are always spot on.
    Best of luck in 2013 and keep up the great work.


    • Gary
      Jan 07, 2013

      Thanks Paul!

      Your words of encouragement made my whole day – and sicne you’re the first to comment in 2013; they made my whole year (so far). Stay well. Thx, GAP

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