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Qualifying, Clarifying, or Guessing?

One of my mentors Joe Carusi, recommended I read the book, Selling is Dead© by Marc Miller to help clarify how buyers buy today.  Catchy little title, yes?  I highly recommend it to any B2B sales professional.  Marc Miller’s main point is we should understand the type of buyer-demand we’re facing, and once understood, use the appropriate selling tactics.

Understanding the buyer-demand; focus on the prospect more than the deal – what a concept!

Qualifying is more difficult than guessing, yes?  Knowing which prospects (aka “Buyers”) to pursue and which prospects (aka “Lookers”) to nurture is a challenge, true?  The former make decisions while the latter represent the “long lose”.  The former have a decision-making body, with decision-criteria, and an approval process.  The latter just want a demo and a quote.

It’s hard to stay focused on the prospect.  Sometimes we get so focused on the “deal” that we do a poor job of picking up the subtleties the prospect offers.  It’s easy to get caught “guessing” that they are qualified and just focus on winning the deal; getting to the approval process.

Sales Management likes to “help” us qualify our deals too, don’t they?  Of course, everyone wants to talk about the prospect’s approval process.  I wrote a little ditty about approval processes (see The Approval-Process).  Sales professionals live and breathe approval processes.

As defined by

Live and breathe something 

If you live and breathe an activity or subject, you spend most of your time doing it or thinking about it because you like it so much.

I suppose we only “like” living and breathing the approval process when we win the deal, true?  The “looonnnggg looossse”?  We hate living and breathing through those approval processes!

Sales training from the last century taught us “BANT” – Budget, Authority, Need, and Timeframe.  Not much there about understanding buyer-demand.  Yes, I am reminded that the “A” and the “N” are supposed to be about the prospect.  I’m simply asking whether we focus on the prospect; or the deal?

Let’s take a closer look at the “A” – Authority.  When we speak with our prospects, we often ask, “Mr. Prospect, in addition to yourself who else will be involved in this very important decision?”  Perhaps we don’t believe Arthur W. Radford’s advice:

A decision is the action an executive must take when he has information so incomplete that the answer does not suggest itself. 

Is the information we provide complete?  Does our solution “suggest itself”?  Do we understand their “Need”?  Can there be dissent?  And if there is dissent, do we panic?  Press?  Discount?

Alfred Sloan, Chairman and CEO of General Motors for years was in a Board meeting about to make an important decision.  He said, “I take it that everyone is in basic agreement with this decision.”  Everyone nodded.  Sloan looked at the group and said, “Then I suggest we postpone the decision.  Until we have disagreement, we don’t understand the problem.”

This is the funny part about winning deals – the less we understand buyer-demand; the more we focus on the deal.  The more we (over) react to dissent; the more we press.  The more we press; the harder it is to win …. the deal.

How many times do we just want the deal while caring less about the prospect?  Yet when we clarify more about the latter, it’s amazing how many more of the former they reward us with.


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