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Excuse me a minute…

So, one of my clients called me the other day – he had a question.  I always enjoy it when my clients call for assistance.  I feel like I am adding value.  Wait – can you excuse me for a minute….

As I was saying, this client had a question and I helped him with the answer.  It makes me feel good when I can help my clients.  The interesting thing to me in this case was he had asked me that same question a couple of days earlier.  Just a minute please….

Where was I?  Oh yea, a few days earlier I had answered the same question from this client.  I remember now because when he called that time, he kept putting me on hold; he had to take other calls.  Oh darn – may I put you on hold for a moment – I’ll get rid of this call….

Isn’t technology wonderful?  All of us can stay so busy multi-tasking, true?  True?  Are you still there?  Oh – OK, good.

Yes, we can talk, tweet, read email, IM, all at the same time!   Sometimes we can even do all of these things while driving!  Occasionally though, we will be speaking with someone and they can tell they don’t have our full attention, true?  Oops – give me just a second….

I’m back.  So as I was saying, when we multi-task we often sacrifice focus; and when we sacrifice focus, we often turn into poor listeners; and when we are poor listeners we usually miss key information.  And missing key information can fluster us – like this story from our favorite, Unknown Sage:

A flustered father, stressed out from his day at work, was unsuccessfully texting his kids to come in for dinner.  Finally, he walks out on his porch and yells for his kids to come in. 

At that point one youngster turns to his brother and asks, “I can’t remember, which one am I – Jesus Christ or God dammit?”

What’s that – what was I talking about?  Well, I was just saying that modern technology will never replace the effectiveness of street lights.  I mean, back in the day we knew we needed to be home at this time of year when the streetlights came on.  Oh, excuse me again….

Can you believe it was that same client?  I told him I was in a meeting and would call him back in a bit.  Funny thing about business today; do you ever call someone only to have them tell you they’re in a meeting?  Always makes me wonder why they answered the phone in the first place.

What’s that?  Well, I was just asking when you are present in a meeting, are your present?  And what do you do when everyone knows you were briefly absent?   I mean it’s hard to give your best when you’re multi-tasking don’t you agree?  Yes?  Hello?  Hello.  Yes I’ll hold…

You’re back?  Well, I was just saying that one of my colleagues has a professionally appropriate way of addressing this issue:

Sorry – I wasn’t listening.  But I only have to be told twice; once. 

Adam Katzenmeyer

A very wise statement, don’t you think?  In one, respectful admission, Adam: (A) acknowledged he was not listening, (B) avoided faking it, and (C) acknowledged a commitment to listen, going forward.

What’s that – you gotta go?  No worries.  Text me and we’ll finish up our conversation later, OK?


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