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Leadership inverted…

I have commented often about selling in the 21st century; aka selling to the “Modern Buyer”; aka “Selling in Reverse”.  I believe leadership works differently in this century too.  Gone are the days where “corporate oversight” increases employee productivity:

Corporate Staff: 

Known in some quarters as Sea Gulls for reasons relating to their propensity to fly round the country leaving their mark wherever they have alighted. 

Norman R. Augustine

It has been said many times before me that a person chooses to join a good company; while that same person chooses to quit a bad manager.  In today’s workplace, “we the people” are truly the ones getting the job done, don’t you think?  Often in spite of our managers and leaders.  Back to Norman:

But all things finally began to move when the threat of help from headquarters was received. 

Thankfully, I work for a stellar manager.  He sets the course; he prioritizes; he inspects what he expects; and he lets his staff get the job done.  “Doing” is what we excel at.  And he gives us the framework and then expects us to be excellent.  In turn, we each motivate our peers – and hold each other accountable for the team’s performance.

A good boss is always a blessing. 

D. Michael Abrashoff

Some might think this is “self-directed”, but that phrase implies individualism.  My manager models “leadership inverted” – the team leverages the collective strengths of our individual contributors – and he benefits from being less “tops down”; more “inverted”.

But as a manager, how will we know if our inverted leadership approach is working?  Well, here’s a memo one of my colleagues left his teammates (and manager) before being transferred:

I need your help.

Not only would I ask that you continue to be AWESOME in your day to day activities at work and at home, amongst your colleagues and your families, but I ask that as a group of people whom I greatly respect and depend on, you help me achieve my potential AWESOMENESS. 

If you ever find yourself wishing you or parts of your life were more AWESOME, stop. 

Take a time out and recognize that AWESOME isn’t a wish, a hope or a dream.

It’s not a destination or even a journey. 

It’s neither a talent, nor a skill and definitely not a matter of luck.

It’s not a plan, an interest or a strategy.

The opposite of impossible, and the antithesis of all things bad, AWESOME is an understanding.

It’s a channeling and an amalgamation of your internal energy and the external forces of the world. 

AWESOME is a choice. 

When you choose AWESOME, you become AWESOMENESS.

That AWESOMENESS powers the universe.

It inspires the masses, cures the sick, empowers the weak, protects the vulnerable, and feeds the hungry.

AWESOMENESS acts as a catalyst to impact the world in an AWESOME fashion.

It’s not a right or a privilege; it’s a commitment, a duty, a toil for which no material payment can compensate. 

Your job is to be AWESOME. 

By being AWESOME, you allow others to be AWESOME.

The repercussions of which allow the powers of AWESOMENESS to spread across the globe.

Being AWESOME + helping others be AWESOME = an AWESOME world. 

If you ever find yourself wishing you or parts of your life were more AWESOME, stop.  And just be AWESOME. 

Sincerely yours in AWESOMENESS,


I’d say that’s what leadership inverted looks like – and I’d say it’s AWESOME!


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  1. Nancy Burianek
    Aug 27, 2014

    I loved this! You have such a clear writing style, a clear message, and there’s always a “take away.”. Thanks!!!

    • Gary
      Aug 27, 2014

      Thanks for reading and replying Nancy! Your kind comments helps keep me writing 🙂 Thx, GAP

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