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Hyped Performance…

I recently wrote a little ditty about high performance, see  Excellence in performance is a wonderful thing to behold in the workplace; in the classroom; on the field of competition, isn’t it?  And when we get to see the best of the best during our lifetime, it’s awesome!

However… in these modern times sometimes performance gets a bit hyped.  “Best in our lifetime” is different than “Greatest of all time”, true?  I’m OK with such a designation as long as there is evidence.  But what “evidence”?

In business, we often work for companies that claim being “the biggest”; “the best”; “the first”; “the leader”.  But based on what evidence?

How about the sales profession?  I have a personal list of my sales “Hall of Famers”, but I must admit my evidence is subjective.  Plus, I’m only familiar with a sliver of successful sales professionals.  Again, what is the evidence used for comparison?

Of course, the sporting world is renowned for hyperbole around the “Greatest of all time”.  Take the NBA; is LeBron James the greatest player of all time?  Michael Jordan?  Well, let’s look at the evidence.  If we use NBA Championships, LeBron’s next ring will give him a total of 3; not even making the list of the Top 27.  Michael Jordan’s 6 rings are 2 behind Tom Heinsohn and 5 behind Bill Russell, see

Well, maybe individual scoring should be the evidence.  Sorry LeBron fans; he doesn’t crack the Top 25.  And Michael Jordan?  He has 2 seasons in the Top 10 of all time.  But Wilt Chamberlin has 5 seasons in the Top 10, including 1 – 3, and in Wilt’s 1961-1962, all-time scoring season he averaged 50 points per game – averaged!

Triple-doubles is better evidence you say?  OK, LeBron has passed Michael in that category, with 36 games vs. 28 games of triple-double performance.  And we can pretend that makes LeBron the “Greatest of all time”.  Except for Oscar Robertson’s 181 games with a triple-double performance.  In fact, according to Sports City:

1961-62, Oscar Robertson, while playing for the Cincinnati Royals averaged a triple-double over the entire season. He averaged 30.8 points, 12.5 rebounds, and 11.4 assists. Robertson is the only player to ever accomplish this.

No worries – when there is an absence of evidence, we can still be entertained by simply pretending hyped performance is synonymous with greatness:

Former NBA center and coach Johnny Kerr said his biggest test as a coach came when he coached the then-expansion team the Chicago Bulls and his biggest player was 6’8″ Erwin Mueller.

We had lost seven in a row and I decided to give a psychological pep talk before a game with the Celtics, Kerr said.  I told Bob Boozer to go out and pretend he was the best scorer in basketball.  I told Jerry Sloan to pretend he was the best defensive guard.  I told Guy Rodgers to pretend he could run an offense better than any other guard, and I told Erwin Mueller to pretend he was the best rebounding, shot-blocking, scoring center in the game.  We lost the game by 17. 

I was pacing around the locker room afterward trying to figure out what to say when Mueller walked up, put his arm around me, and said, “Don’t worry about it Coach.  Just pretend we won.” 

James S. Hewett

I don’t know who the “Greatest of all time” is in any field.  But I do enjoy the entertainment associated with hyped-performance arguments, LOL!


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  1. Nathan Sumner
    Jun 12, 2015

    What’s Lebron up to with these playoffs? It’s certainly not 181, but he’s young.

    • Gary
      Jun 14, 2015

      Thanks Nathan – looks like LeBron is proving me wrong 🙂 Do you think he read my post? Thx, GAP

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