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A peek inside…

So I was writing one of my little ditties recently at our favorite neighborhood coffee shop.  My wife, children and grandchildren were there – one of those precious, informal family gatherings I am so blessed to enjoy.

It was the usual small talk – weekend plans; work; school; the weather; the Broncos…  They don’t mind when I sometimes multi-task during our coffee clutch and type a sentence or two.  But the other day when I softly uttered, “600, all right!” our small talk was interrupted.  “600 what?” they inquired.  And that’s when I revealed a peek inside.

I’m generally a very private man; introverted really.  I’ve created a public-facing façade in order to pursue my professional responsibilities.  I don’t know – maybe I should share with you the same peek?  It’s said in the marketplace today there is value with genuineness.  There’s nothing particularly earth shattering behind the way I write; but my family was quite amused; maybe you will be too.

First, 600 is the number of words that comprise my ditties.  600 – exactly.  Not 599; not 601; each one must be 600 before it’s finished.  Truth be told: I bang out an initial draft in about an hour.  Then I typically spend 6-7 hours editing; re-writing; adjusting; word-smithing; until (A) I like the piece, and (B) it is exactly 600 words.  Yep 600; welcome to my world. (LoL!)

As you already know, I like sharing personal experiences and life’s little observations.  Not for self-promotion purposes (although we all have an ego, yes?); and certainly not for monetary gain (I haven’t figured out how to peddle these pieces yet).  I do wonder sometimes whether I’m being read, and if so why:

People who read me seem to be divided into four groups; Twenty-five percent like me for the right reasons; 25 percent like me for the wrong reasons; 25 percent hate me for the right reasons.  It’s the last 25 percent that worries me. 

Robert Frost

It’s all good, though.  Writing is my way of “thinking out loud”.  I like to pose situations to my readers so you can:

Read about it briefly (600 words – exactly)

Decide if it relates to you

And if it does, allow you to observe what I did in that situation so you can;

Determine if I am a blithering idiot offering nothing more than a little comic relief in your day (which I suspect some have already concluded)

Make you feel good that if I have been able to make a living being as inept as you believe I am, there is hope for you

Invoke you’re knowledge and experience with the situations I write about resulting in the thought of, “Nice try Gary, that’s not how it works; what you should have done was thus and so…”

And as a result I’m actually providing you the service of reinforcing what not to do in certain circumstances

Which may also be of value

Sometimes, I might even offer sound advice based on good judgment.  You see, I believe I have finally learned where good judgement originates:

Good judgement comes from experience.  Experience comes from bad judgement. 

Unknown Sage

Of course, I hope my readers don’t take my judgments too seriously:

Do not condemn the judgment of another because it differs from your own.  You may both be wrong. 


So there you have it; for better or worse; a 600 word peek inside the process and the paradigm behind these little ditties.  Welcome to my world, indeed. (LoL!)


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  1. Donna Hoenie
    Jul 09, 2015

    Love your pieces – look forward to them! Hope you are doing well!

    • Gary
      Jul 15, 2015

      Thanks for reading and commenting Donna! Yes, things are pretty darn good on the Pokorn Ranch. Hope you’re well, too. Thx, GAP

  2. Jim Anderson
    Jul 10, 2015

    Yes Gary, you are being read. And the reason for me reading you is that in a world becoming more insane by the day, you are an island of sanity. Keep it up.


    • Gary
      Jul 15, 2015

      Thanks, as always, for commenting and encouraging Jim! Yes as the Chinese Proverb states – “May you live in interesting times.” 2015? Very “interesting” 🙂 Thx, GAP

  3. Ken
    Jul 14, 2015

    Being read in Boston…that is for sure.

    • Gary
      Jul 15, 2015

      Thanks Boston Ken! Your comments are always welcome 🙂 Thx, GAP

  4. Nathan Sumner
    Sep 08, 2015

    I can’t get 600. Initially 582, then 595 with “Did you like…” The quotes are cheating, are they?

    Interesting as always.

    • Gary
      Sep 08, 2015

      So, I write each ditty in MS Word (which counts the words for me). When I get each post to 600 exactly, I copy and paste to my blog site. How They count is up to them 🙂 Thx for counting yourself, GAP

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