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Let me elaborate…

In my last post I wrote a little ditty as I traveled to Boston to work with one of my clients.  Last week, I had a dozen clients travel to Denver to work with me.  And, they paid to attend my “training class” to boot!  Did they experience anything “Different”?

My last post was a summary of my self-reflection on what makes me “different” (see ).  I asked at the same time for you to pause for a moment and address, “What makes you different?”  Did you?  Did you take a moment to crystalize exactly what makes you; your product/service; and your company “Different” in the eye of your customers?  No?  Too busy?  Well:

Many receive advice.  Only the wise profit from it. 

Publilius Syms

Today – permit me to elaborate.

“I’m a pretty good talker, but I’m even a better listener.  And boy – do I love to talk!”

Courtor’s Rule:

If people listened to themselves more often, they would talk less. 

Unknown Sage

(I’m still working on this rule.)

“I’m a pretty good listener, but I’m even better at remembering.”

What I say may not matter but what the client says always matters:

We hear only half of what is said to us, understand only half of that, believe only half of that, and remember only half of that. 

Mignon McLaughlin

“I’m pretty good strategically with the “big picture”, but I’m even better tactically with identifying the myriad of details.”

Pay fantastic attention to detail.  What details get in the way of our being easy to do business with? 

Tom Connellan

“I’m a pretty good presenter, but I’m even a better problem solver.”

The hardest problems get solved last. 

Frank Hayes

“I’m pretty good at committing to being prompt, but I’m even better at arriving prepared.”

Average sales people like to wing it. Champions like to make money.  So they don’t wing it – they prepare.  Intensively. 

Tom Hopkins

“I’m a pretty good leader, but I’m an even better follower.”

People don’t at first follow worthy causes.  They follow worthy leaders who promote worthy causes. 

John C. Maxwell

“I’m pretty good at positioning my company competitively, but I’m even better at acknowledging the “reality of multiple solutions” each client has.”

Our competition got me out of bed in the morning; paranoia is a wonderful motivator. 

Scott Deeter

“I’m pretty good at orchestrating a sales-cycle, but I’m even better helping my clients’ coordinate their evaluation process.”

Sell the way the customer buys and allocate your resources accordingly. 

Rick Page

“I’m pretty good at overcoming objections, but I’m even better at identifying client fantasies that no vendor and no product can address.”

Reality is that stuff which, no matter what you believe, just won’t go away. 

David Paktor

“I’m pretty good at negotiating price, but I’m even better at helping my clients clarify the value.”

To assess your added value, you have to put yourself in the other player’s shoes and ask what you bring to them. 

Barry J. Nalebuff

At last week’s class, I wasn’t sharing stuff I know because I always knew that stuff.  I was simply re-telling what I’ve learned along the way from these wise people named above and untold others.  Was my clients’ experience with me “Different” than all the other classes they’ve attended led by all of the other instructors who attempted to instruct them?  What do I know?

Only the customer can tell.  Was the class successful?  Well, no one quit; no one got hurt; I’m calling it a win!


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