The Peace & Power of a Positive Perspective


Today’s outlook…

Will today be fair and mostly sunny?  Or, are we dreading that test or that big presentation that we know we are not properly prepared for?  Are we Olympians ready to run our personal best today?  Is today’s outlook one of accomplishment or disappointment?

Depending on the context, “outlook” has a variety of meanings for us, true?  For those of you on an airplane your pilot might have this outlook:

Weather at our destination is 50 degrees with broken clouds; but they’ll try to have them fixed before we arrive. 

Unknown Sage

Some might be girding for a disagreement with our spouse during breakfast and if we’re of European descent we may have a different outlook:

Old Scottish Prayer

O Lord, grant that we may always be right, for Thou knowest we will never change our minds.

Some of us fear the day; some are excited to see what adventures lie ahead.  Some are working out.  Some will sleep in.  Some will simply and mindlessly go about our routine robotically.  How will you face the day?  And what outlook will you bring for yourself and share with the others around you?

On the “for our self” side, I think Guy R. Ratti offers stellar advice:

I carry a picture of myself as a child (about six years old) to remind me of two things:

  1. To remember to always look at the world as a child does, with wonder and excitement of what I can become.
  2. To remember to forgive and love myself just as would that innocent child in the picture. Too many grown-ups live their lives feeling guilty over mistakes made or lose time blaming themselves for things that could have been. I remember what it is like to be a child and know that in many ways I am not much different from that boy in the picture

When I wrote this little ditty, this passage stimulated me to go through my family album and find that childhood picture.  And that picture stimulated my memory of a world filled with wonder and excitement.  The love I felt from my family; the carefree feeling each new day brought; the adventure of exploring the neighborhood.  That child-like outlook – let’s all regain that peaceful feeling today, deal?

OK, not everyone had a magnificent childhood.  But I bet you can remember a friend, family member, teacher, preacher, coach, or mentor that encouraged you to be all that is possible to be.  I bet you have a memory of a past, pleasant time that today, would be a good day to dust off that memory and use it to reset your outlook.

For those around us, they might appreciate the effort too:

You will be happier if you will give people a bit of your heart rather than a piece of your mind. 

Unknown Sage

We’ve all been there; life beats on us until we capitulate and our attitudes give-in to the “dark side”.  Stress and anger replace innocence and optimism.  We become the recipients (or worse, the originators) of the sentiment seen by Captain Bligh in the movie Mutiny on the Bounty:

The beatings will continue until morale improves.

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.  Our day can be whatever we chose to make of it.  Today’s outlook is under our command – and from the movie Midway we might heed the line from Robert Mitchum’s role:

When you’re in command – command!

So what will you command your outlook to be today?


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