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Google intentional and among other definitions, you will find:

Planned, meant, studied, knowing, purposeful

Not the adjectives typically associated with millennials these days, true?

Much has been said and much has been written about the future of civilization as we know it when the day comes that millennials are running things.  We’ve seen the disastrous predictions when “they” are in charge, yes?  I’m a bit more hopeful (of course, I’m optimistic by nature).  I think we’ll be alright – after all:

We hope that when the insects take over the world they will remember with gratitude how we took them along on all our picnics. 

Bill Vaughan

However, there are many harsh realities we (and “they”) must face first for things to work out.  This 15 minute clip is sobering.  Two prefaces – (1) I wonder if you will have the patience to watch it in full and deny the temptation to fast forward to my point (2) at the 14:30 mark the speaker reveals the origin of ideas and innovation:

Speaking of observation, casual (in-person) interactions, and idea origination, I walk by the cubes of our Business Development Reps periodically.  A whole department of millennials; managed by millennials; quite the dichotomy from this gray-haired, periodic passerby.

I noticed after several fly-bys the word “Intentional” boldly written above one of the BDR’s desk.  Recently, I stopped and chatted with Megan about it – I wanted to know more about why she had posted “Intentional” above her desk.

“Gary, I’m focused on doing my job better” she offered. And then continued, “I’m trying to make each phone call I make and each voice mail I leave intentional.  I’m paying closer attention to how I’m doing what I’m doing.  I want to leave a memorable impression with the prospects I contact.”  WOW!  If that isn’t planned, studied and purposeful, aka intentional, I don’t know what is!  And all from none other than a millennial.

In the YouTube clip the speaker discusses how Corporate America today has to learn to manage, motivate, and lead millennials better.  He offers the position that they have capabilities – managers just have to tap into these capabilities differently than the way managers managed their teams of prior generations.  Naturally, this presumes managers know how to do this – which I believe they don’t – but I digress and will leave my thoughts on front line sales management to a future post.

Getting back to my casual conversation with my millennial colleague about her intentional approach, I’d like to add:

I am neither so green that I cannot teach; nor am I so gray that I cannot learn.

Since our conversation at Megan’s cube I have given the word intentional a lot of thought.  I think I am already in alignment with her on my intentional approach to the sales profession and my sales enablement responsibilities.  I think I’ve developed the requisite knowledge, skills and experience over the years the old fashion way – trial and error.

But as with others of my generation, I don’t think I have been as intentional as I should be with other sources of dopamine that the YouTube speaker cites.  So with my young colleague’s teaching I will be more intentional in 2017.

To remain in the sales profession we must either teach or we must learn, every day.  For my part, after 40 years I’m still learning.  In this case from a person who is younger than some of my horses LOL!

Yes – I have great hope for the future.


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