The Peace & Power of a Positive Perspective


April 20, 1999 never forgotten…

Eighteen years ago today, my hometown experienced the terror that two teenagers, feeling a sense of hopelessness, can bring to their high school, their community and our nation.  It was considered a rare event back then – unfortunately, it has become increasingly more common today.

Life is hard and can often seem hopeless for all too many youths in their teens and twenty’s.   If you have a son or daughter; grandchildren; nieces or nephews; or neighborhood kids; hug them today.

Tell them today that you love them and will support them as they make their way in the world to adulthood and self-sufficiency.  And if they are struggling to make ends meet – give them a few bucks.  Help them find a job.  Today, help them feel they belong.

Let’s reverse our society’s violence.  Let’s use our power of self confidence to increase the sunlight for those heading towards darkness:

It takes the sun to create a shadow – accept that the dark and the light live side by side in all of us. 

Chellie Campbell

It’s not just my home town of Littleton – Today, we are all Columbine:

May you feel peace – and share the power of peace with others – today, and everyday!


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    Apr 20, 2017


    I am deeply moved by this piece. As someone who is in the trenches in the transition from childhood to adulthood, I could not appreciate your attitude and approach more.

    You helped me have hope when I was struggling my hardest. For that I am eternally grateful, and excited to one day pay it forward, just as you have.

    Thank you,

    • Gary
      Apr 26, 2017

      Thank you very much Ben for your kind and heartfelt words – inspirational to us all. Thx, GAP

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