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Peter Drucker, famous management consultant is credited with positing:

Culture eats strategy for breakfast.

Mark Cuban, owner of the NBA Dallas Mavericks once explained the origin of his competitive fire:

There are two types of owners; those who want to win, and those who can’t stand to lose.

Mark Cuban can’t stand to lose.

If we believe in the importance of company culture that begs the question, “How is it created”?  Charismatic leaders might be credited, but after setting the direction employees must become the engine to power the progress.

In the best cultures I’ve worked in or witnessed, leaders become followers and followers become leaders.  I know the military adheres to a strict code of tops down command, but business is not war.  Servant Leadership was once revered.  I don’t know if it still is.

I enjoyed this article shared by a friend and former VP of mine; Startup Success: Why You Should Hire Unstoppable People.  “Unstoppable”, I like the sound of that.  The author suggests most companies focus on job related skills when hiring people even if they claim a people-first culture.  How are things done at your company?

If you want to be unstoppable, you have to hire people who are unstoppable. 

Steve Rowland

In my personal, professional experience leading companies have hired ordinary people and led them in a way that they achieved extraordinary results.  I’ve written about the honor to be a member of DFoA  Among the vast supply of seemingly ordinary people exist many that are unstoppable.  How do we find them?  How do we lead them?

Steve Rowland offers us his “recipe” starting with what every employee should have and then extending to the extraordinary level; the unstoppable level:

Core Traits

Collaborative: Our best candidates work well with others inside and outside of their function and take into account the perspectives of all of the stakeholders involved in any problem.

Integrity: These candidates also show consistency with our company’s principles, values and behaviors. They have the courage to do what is right for the customer, the company and the team.

Accountable: They should set the bar high for themselves and take full ownership of their commitments, whether or not they’re able to deliver on them.

Unstoppable Traits

Humble: They should be authentic and selfless, and know their own strengths and weaknesses. They should also be able to effectively relay their own perspective while remaining open to the feedback and perspectives of others.

Creative: We want all of our employees to create unique visions, explore possibilities and develop outcomes that others may not see.

Adaptable: Unstoppable candidates can absorb, navigate, adapt and successfully execute in a dynamic and evolving customer, company and market environment.

Curious: These employees should continuously seek to learn about our technology, customers and the broader industry, and demonstrate pragmatic intelligence and an unwavering desire for self-improvement.

Driven: The best candidates also proactively deliver with energy and quality. We expect these candidates to push through adversity with a positive attitude, focusing on what can be done instead of what cannot.

Challenger: Great hires are confident enough to challenge norms. They never take things at face value and ask hard questions which get at the root of the idea in front of them.

Many companies want great culture; getting there is the “trick”.  Steve Rowland reminds us:

It might seem as if this should go without saying, but we are a company of people — not products or technology.

What do you think?  Are you unstoppable?


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