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Performing magic

Whether in a business-to-business, or a business-to-consumer setting, Client Service experiences can be a stimulating topic.  I bet you remember your favorite experiences (and maybe a few unbelievable horror stories).  Perhaps you will share one with us? 

Here’s a favorite story of mine.  Back in the days of selling for the nation’s leading payroll processing company, my desk was next to the Client Service team assigned to our largest clients in the Rocky Mountain Region.  These reps were tenured and very knowledgeable, as you would expect.  They were also unbelievably committed to providing a pleasant and professional service to their clients.  To them, delivering excellent client service was matter of personal pride. 

Our clients?  Well, when there was a problem with payroll (especially if the boss’ check was just blown out of the water) a client was not always equally pleasant and professional.  Here’s what happened one day: 

After exhausting every possible way to assist an irate client for the past 45 minutes, and then concluding her phone conversation in the professional manner she had been trained, the client service representative was heard to let out a pent-up, rhetorical question of frustration to no one in particular, “What does thiscustomer want me to do about their problem, perform magic”? 

Ah – magic.  Now there’s a creative client service technique.  Have you ever been in a situation where magic seemed to be the only way to resolve an issue?  I remember my gratitude when magic (or a miracle) saved the day.  And even if the client service representative was just lucky, I still appreciated the fact that my problem was solved.  According to an Unknown Sage, Finagle said this: 

            Finagle’s Sixth Rule:

Do not believe in miracles – rely on them.                                                

When a company’s leaders are committed to client service excellence, they do more than rely on miracles or magic.  They do all of the little things (and some of the big things) to insure our experience as a customer is effective and pleasant, yes?  Excellent client service doesn’t happen by accident; after all: 

If you want happy clients, first make sure that your client services employees are happy.  Everyone has run into that disgruntled client service rep who hates his job.

                                                                 Gary A. Pokorn

Unfortunately, a popular technique irate clients like to use when faced with service needs is to turn up the volume!  I confess – I’ve been there, too.  For me, this is often caused by an urgent situation; it’s occasionally caused by the apparent stupidity of a client service rep; and it almost always surfaces when I get one of “those reps” with “an attitude”.  I bet you’ve met that same rep, too; you know; the one who thinks we caused the problem and we’re bothering them when we call the Client Service Department. 

So even though I want my clients to do as I say, not as I do, working with irate clients is not for the faint of heart.  For some clients, they will be upset no matter what we do.  And when we are on the service-delivery side facing a particularly irate client who insists on turning up the volume, here’s a technique we’d all like to use: 

How to Manage an Irate Client Call: 

“I’m sorry you’re so upset.  I really feel your pain.  No, I don’t think we can fix the problem.  No, you can’t get your money back.  Well, I am the supervisor, but let me transfer you to Mr. Dial Tone…”

                                                                          Unknown Sage 


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